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Founded in 2017 and led by Portuguese designer Manuel Amaral Netto and business strategist Tomás Carvalhas, UTIL is a young Lisbon based design brand with a clear focus on enduring and functional storage furniture made from high quality materials. Transcending product design, UTIL’s philosophy of simplifying and focusing on the essential is inspired by people and everyday life, every piece of the formally simple and architectural influenced collection is made to last a lifetime.

UTIL’s understated yet unique furniture is designed to be helpful and subtle. Meaning ‘useful’ in Portuguese, UTIL develops solutions for the increasingly scarce living space in metropolitan areas. The high quality and timeless design of its objects will accompany the user through a lifetime of changing environments. The enduring products are easy to assemble and move around, blending in and adapting to life’s ever-changing needs.

The UTIL collection is developed in collaboration with a roster of international designers and entirely made in Portugal, within a short distance to the brand’s studio, combining refined craftsmanship with industrial production methods.



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Our bestsellers

Plié Wall Mount

Starts at €572.00

Plié Sideboard

Starts at €645.00

Plié Mini Shelf

Starts at €107.00

Basso Trolley

Starts at €425.00

Hal Coat Rack

Starts at €154.00



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