Catching up with António Júlio Duarte and Mingyu - UTIL – Designer furniture
October 2020

Catching up with António Júlio Duarte and Mingyu

Lisbon hero António Júlio Duarte is usually behind the camera. We visit the enigmatic photographer and his wife Mingyu at home for some afternoon jiaozi and a session of arts and crafts.

A regular fixture of the local arts scene over the past twenty years, the photographer is celebrated for his assertive surveys of unusual subjects and territories, uncovering meaning through the poetic association of images, rather than within the image itself. A fondness for the metaphysical shared by Mingyu: “reading is my main interest, but I am suspicious of wisdom in general; at the beach, I find myself recurrently with my back towards the sea, rivers are really my thing.”

Pictures by Pedro Alfacinha


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