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September 2020

Pineapple and Maria Callas with Gabriel Ferrandini

Born in California to a family from Rio de Janeiro and raised in the coast of Estoril, Gabriel Ferrandini is a Lisbon legend.

Recognised early on as a prodigious talent in the free-jazz scene, he has since emancipated from those traditions into a truly ambidextrous operator. Similarly at ease on stage with jazz hero Alexander von Schlippenbach as he is scoring tunes for Brazilian giant TV Globo. But, as with the best things in life, it’s not what you do but how you do it that really matters: and it is the grace with which he juggles these different things that has become an inspiration to a generation.

We met him at his place in Praça das Flores, after his morning surf, for some pineapple and Maria Callas.

Pictures by Pedro Alfacinha


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