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November 2019

How charming can a workshop be?

Last March we moved into a new studio. Little by little we came to discover our new surroundings and neighbours.

Just a few doors down there is a rusty old door that opens up to an old print-shop. Heavily packed with all sorts of machines and tools to bind books, punch holes or slice pieces of paper.

We cannot cease to be impressed by how well everything is fitting inside such a tiny space. The carts, to move the paper around before and after being printed, are made to fit exactly to the space that was left there after installing all those big and robust machines. The office is hanging over an invented mezzanine that the owner cleverly built. It is a chaotic space where everything seems to have its purpose and its place to be.

When designing we often imagine this very clean home or office where everything is always tidy and always in its right place. The truth is something very much the opposite. Chairs full of clothes or books laying in dining table that you didn’t manage to put back in the shelf. The truth is that usually this is what brings color and charm to your home and almost never real homes look like in the magazines. Just like this workshop home is an ever growing space that needs to adapt as your family grows and changes.

For us, visiting workshops such as this one, is always inspiring to envision and dream of new ways for our furniture to withstand the test of time. We believe that every piece of furniture is for life, and for that reason we make sure we design our products for a home that grows with you.




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