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Catching up with Gabriel Ferrandini September 2020

Catching up with Gabriel Ferrandini

Born in California to a family from Rio de Janeiro and raised in the coast of Estoril, Gabriel Ferrandini is a Lisbon legend. Recognised early on as a prodigious talent in the free-jazz scene, he has since emancipated from those traditions into a truly ambidextrous operator. Similarly at ease on stage with jazz hero Alexander … Continued

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Catching up with Matilde Travassos September 2020

Catching up with Matilde Travassos

”You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people, design is made for people” Dieter Rams said once. We wouldn’t have said it better: it is this curiosity for people and their choices that drives us, as we aim to design furniture that is truly valuable in everyday life. We felt this was … Continued

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New website - New identity July 2020

New website - New identity

New website and new identity but still the same goal: create contemporary, functional and understated designer furniture. With the launch of a new website,, as well as an update that solidifies our identity, we are focused on bringing our furniture to more customers on an easier and faster way. Util has always been driven … Continued

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How charming can a workshop be? May 2019

How charming can a workshop be?

Last March we moved into a new studio. Little by little we came to discover our new surroundings and neighbours. Just a few doors down there is a rusty old door that opens up to an old print-shop. Heavily packed with all sorts of machines and tools to bind books, punch holes or slice pieces … Continued

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UTIL X FROM LIGHTING Alcova, Milano April 2019


UTIL and FROM LIGHTING, are two independent brands coming from Portugal and Italy – two countries with a long tradition in manufacturing. This year during Salone del Mobile they came together in the venue of Alcova to showcase what they do best in furniture and lighting. To all of those that did not manage to … Continued

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Oyster Factory Visit June 2018

Oyster Factory Visit

Earlier this year we took the car and drove up north to see the manufacturing of our Oyster Stool. It is always exciting to visit manufacturers and specially this one. They are with us since the very beginning and they have always treated us incredibly well. The manufacturing of the Oyster stool is the perfect … Continued

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