Catching up with Almut Vogel and Jonathan Drews



Our latest 'Catching up with' features Almut Vogel, a stylist and ceramist, alongside artist Jonathan Drews, based in Berlin. What began as a local series, showcasing friends and friends-of-friends has organically expanded to connect with our broader community, which, although distant, shares many perspectives with us. We're thrilled to have talented photographer Martina Borsche portraying this charismatic family, while Almut openly shares her insights with us below.


Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you're living?

My name is Almut Vogel, and I live with Jonathan Drews and our 4-year-old daughter, Flora. Jonathan and I met 12 years ago when he was still studying art and writing his thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. At that time, I began working as a fashion editor for SZ-Magazine, the supplement of Süddeutsche Zeitung. Five years ago, we decided to move to Berlin for a change. Jonathan began teaching art in Potsdam and is currently working on an exhibition. In addition to working as a freelance stylist and consultant, I have developed a strong interest in interior design, particularly ceramics. This led me to found A.G.V. Atelier, a collaborative workshop with my mother, focusing on artisanal design objects and lamps





When we moved to Berlin, we decided to live in Friedenau, which is part of the former West Berlin and somehow evokes a nostalgic 90s vibe. Most of the streets here are lined with alleys, and the houses all have little front gardens, which is especially nice in spring when Magnolias and chestnut trees are blossoming everywhere.





Could you expand a bit on the nature of your work?

Since we first met, Jonathan always kept his sketchbook close, where he drew classicist scenes that he later transformed into large-format paintings and even murals covering the walls of our atelier and guest room. It feels as though all his admiration and love for antiquity and classicism find their place in this city, which may not seem very classical. He truly creates his counter-vision here.




Having worked in the realm of fashion for over 15 years now, I have recently found myself increasingly drawn to interior design. It felt natural to expand my aesthetic sense. When we moved to Berlin, I began working on my first ceramics alongside my mother, who is a ceramicist. Gradually, friends started buying our lamps and seeking advice on their interior decoration. I have always loved the unique value of crafts, so it's a real pleasure for me to have discovered ceramics as a new medium for self-expression.



Could you describe your house? Is there any specific room, characteristic, or object you would like to highlight?

Our apartment mirrors our common aesthetic and displays our work all over the place. Most of the walls are covered with Jonathan’s paintings, and you'll find our ceramic lamps in almost every room, which makes the whole atmosphere so personal. It's an ever-changing place that grows with our interests.



Our favorite place in the apartment is the dining room since we most enjoy having friends over for dinner. The Gio Ponti chairs and the big table were our first acquisitions when we moved in and it’s also my work desk in a way.





How do you see UTIL at home? what does it add to the space?

Jonathan collects books, and we both love vases and flowers, so the Util Wall Unit was a perfect fit for us to highlight pieces from our collection. We immediately saw them as bedside tables, which we had been searching for quite a while but couldn't find the right ones. We really like the Aluminium finish as it adds something contemporary and contrasts nicely with our vintage furniture.





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