Catching up with Catarina Osório de Castro

Our visit to Catarina’s place, initially intended for a brief catch-up over coffee, unexpectedly unfolded into an all-day affair. Amid conversations that covered everything and nothing, we found comfort in the easy flow of dialogue. Catarina exudes a calming presence that instantly puts you at ease, a quality not surprising from someone who entitles her projects with names like "Silence," "Slow," and "Refuge."


Our dear friend Catarina, a Lisbon-based photographer we admire, operates her stunning studio right from home, located on the ground level and connected by a striking metal staircase. When we asked her about her daily routine at home, she immediately shared, "developing, printing and editing " revealing the setting where she channels most of her time.


She shared with us her perspective on her practice, emphasizing its significance as a form of personal freedom, a crucial need in her life.  "I prefer to stay away from the city; there's something about leaving it behind and fully embracing nature. It's when I'm out there, that I find an entirely new perspective on things."

Pictures by Matilde Travassos

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