Catching up with Svenja and Yoske

For our first field trip out of Lisbon, we traveled to our beloved soulmate city Porto, to meet two of its most inspiring imports: Svenja Specht and Yoske Nishiumi.

Born and raised between Tokyo and Saitama, Yoske briefly indulged in the bohemian craze of Tokyo’s nightlife of the late eighties – early nineties, when the neo-liberal dream was at its peak! Yet, the yuppy ways were not to last as he promptly quit, flew to Bangkok, and began extensive backpacking in beautiful, pre-DiCaprio south-east Asia. While staying in Katmandu, he traded in traditional Nepalese garments, selling them back to Japan. Finally, meeting some Berlin artists at the beach in Thailand made him settle in Berlin. Here he began working with limited edition sneakers while blending in with the legendary local techno scene, himself hosting a monthly club event called Koiklub in different locations in town.

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