Catching up with Ana Dias Ferreira

Ana Dias Ferreira, born and bred in Lisbon, has become a beacon of inspiration for those who strive to make a difference in the media landscape. Her passion for journalism has been the driving force behind her success, and her dedication to the pursuit of meaningful stories has earned her a prominent place in the industry.

Ana's journey in journalism led her to co-found Observador Lifestyle — an oasis in a media landscape that often thrives on sensationalism and negativity. "it's not news if it's good news" never resonated with her and she always looked for positive stories to uplift and inspire people. Observador Lifestyle emerged as a breath of fresh air, embracing an editorial line that focuses on off-grid places, small hotels, and individuals who are effecting positive change through their creative endeavors.

Under Ana's leadership as editor, Observador Lifestyle expanded its reach and influence, captivating readers with its thoughtful content. Initially online only, the publication took a bold step into the realm of the tangible with a paper version just as Ana's own personal journey was expanding: remarkably, she spearheaded the launch when she was eight months pregnant, displaying her passion and commitment to her craft.

When Ana is not in a remote-never-herd-of place tasting wine or interviewing the newest ceramist in town, she is recharging energies, writing, and spending time with her family in her tranquil and serene home. Ana's home is full of light and curated with objects and furniture that reflect her discerning taste, seamlessly blending well-known brands with treasures she collects from second-hand stores.

Her home, just as her work, is a testament to a commitment to edit things with purpose and meaning instead of giving in to the latest trend.

Pictures by Pedro Alfacinha 
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