Catching Up with Sofia Moser Leitão

Since we started this blog we've been portraying people at home — homes that for some reason, we've considered to be interesting. Without exception, all our portraits have been of locals, Portuguese or otherwise, but living in Lisbon, like us. This time we thought it would be refreshing to travel to Paris to catch up with Sofia de Moser Leitão, a Lisboner living in an apartment with British charm right in the epicenter of bustling Paris.

 Sofia sure seems to be making the most of it. Having moved to Paris in 2019, she has since settled into a cozy Marais rooftop apartment that has one balcony for every ten square meters — one for each of her occupations in Paris: Sofia splits her time between her work in a creative agency, her passion for ceramics and traveling around as a content developer for several fashion brands.


Her home is a reflection of this plural approach to life, a melting pot of all her interests, combining her own pieces with objects collected from Paris’ irresistible flea markets, vibrant textiles, and colorful ceramics.

All these small and curious objects - "insignificant things" as she puts it - collected "obsessively", imprint her identity onto her home. She effortlessly pairs vintage pieces with contemporary fashion, blending the old and the new in a way that is quintessentially Parisian.


Her taste and her commitment to putting together a home that reflects her personality, create the perfect space for what ultimately an urban apartment is meant for - a refuge for you to feel at ease and disconnected from your intense daily routine.


“My home is a refuge, there’s nothing better than cozying up with a book, feeling the buzz of the city outside.”

Words by Tomás Carvalhas

Pictures by Matilde Travassos

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