Palco Shelves Launch - LDW2024


Lisbon-based design brand UTIL showcases its latest novelty at its new showroom. Designed by German duo GECKELER MCIHELS, the Palco Wall Shelf offers both a vibrant backdrop and a practical storage solution for your books and belongings. Crafted from a single sheet of aluminum, its design prioritizes efficiency in production to minimize waste.

The sturdy structure comes with built-in bookends and cable holes, allowing for the display of lamps or electronic devices. Even when not in use, its expansive background panel invites creative use of color. Available as individual shelf units, multiple units can be mounted on a rail to form a multi-level shelving system. Both single and multiple shelves require only two screws for wall mounting.

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About the designers

GECKELER MICHELS explores product functionality around human habits, with a forecasting eye on ever evolving usages and ways of expression. The duo articulates innovative positions, deliberately embracing history of design,
contemporary technologies and digital design methods. This functionalist approach often incorporates intriguing details or logics, infusing the products with compelling narratives that stand the test of time.

Picture by Sirio Magnabosco

Opening Hours
Lisbon Design Week

22-26 May
11h00 - 18h00
Late Opening
24 May
18h00 - 21h00


UTIL Showroom
Rua do Giestal 37A


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