Victoire de Lencquesaing and her secret serenading lover

Inside an unassuming building in the heart of Lisbon’s Lapa, lies the stuff of your southernmost dreams. Like a love child born out of Alvar Aalto and Luis Barragán’s passionate encounter in Marrakesh, this work-in-progress house is by no means an incomplete home.

Main Edition’s Victoire de Lencquesaing and her secret serenading lover have lived here since their arrival from Paris in 2016.
Having acquired a petit apartment with an idyllic garden, they didn’t anticipate the hostility from Lapa’s notoriously conservative natives towards their renovation work, which meant a whole section of their home was left permanently exposed to the elements. Like they care! The ceramicist and her illusive novelist darling are both thriving amidst this classic Lisbon chaos, working and living from this architectural limbo proving as motivating to them as it is inspiring to us. 


Pictures and words by Pedro Alfacinha


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