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KGT WALL UNIT is a cabinet with removable drawers, providing versatility for use in either your home or office. You have the flexibility to use and combine 4 units: the smallest, which holds just one drawer, and the largest, featuring 6 vertical drawers.

The gap between each drawer offers visual lightness that recalls Donald Judd’s sculptures. This detail not only adds character to the wall unit but also highlights each unit individually. It subtly emphasizes that each drawer is detachable and can be used independently, transforming from a drawer to its original purpose: a stand-alone storage box

This unconventional approach, derived from an already existing product, has led to a collection of visually striking cabinets that are ideal for organizing your office or home space.


Powder coated Aluminium
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Design by Studio CP—RV

Is a collaborative project run by Camille Paillard and Romain Voulet, working between London and Marseille. Formed by designers gathered together from different backgrounds, the practice designs products, home furniture, interior spaces and things to live with.


What they say

"KGT Wall Unit by UTIL is a stylish storage solution for everything that is important to you."
"It is very discreet and almost like a sculpture, it serves as a mini safe that visually blends in anywhere."
"With echoes of Donald Judd’s rectangular wall-based works, the new KGT Wall Unit makes the simple shapes super practical."
"Perfect synthesis between form and function."
With its purist simplicity, the KGT Wall Unit storage system from UTIL appeals to more than just minimalists.

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